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Trusted Clean Maximum Large Capacity Carpet Cleaning Extractor w/ Wand & Hose Set (17 Gallons) - 220 PSI

SKU: TPL-17-220-CE-HEAT-TCP    Brand:Trusted Clean
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Product Description

This large capacity heated carpet extractor from Trusted Clean not only comes with big solution tanks (17 gallons), and an extremely powerful pump (220 PSI), but it also comes with great suction (Two 3-stage vac motors)! The dual 3-stage vacuum motors provide more than enough suction to adequately clean any type of carpet. Along with the 220 PSI pump, no soiled carpet can stand in this machine's way!

It has all the standard functions of the other Trusted Clean units, found in our heated extractors department. The most important features include an external heater that can be removed, a circuit locator, and 2 twist-lock power cords. The circuit locator is utilized before you even begin to use the machine, because you must run the heater off of a separate circuit from the pump and vacuums. (See the video below for further instructions.)

This Trusted Clean extractor is known as the "Maximum" model, because it offers maximum efficiency from a portable carpet extractor. It will clean your carpet making it look like new again! The right kind of carpet cleaning chemicals will be needed for each individual job. So make sure you're either giving our cleaning experts a call when ordering, or buying one of our pre-built all-purpose carpet solution kits which contain different stain removers and carpet extraction solutions that will get just about every job done.

Compare Trusted Clean carpet machines.Even though this extractor has great suction, it will leave your carpets somewhat damp when you're finished cleaning, so we recommend purchasing at least one air mover to help speed up the drying process after you're finished cleaning. (No customer likes to come home to damp carpets after getting them cleaned!)

The Trusted Clean extractor comes complete with a deluxe 12" dual-jet stainless steel wand, a 25' vacuum/solution hose assembly, two 50 foot detachable power cords, and a circuit locator. Please take a look at the video below for proper set up and use instructions.

We also have a handy Trusted Clean Comparison Chart to help you decide which Trusted Clean machine is right for you.


  • Extreme portable unit (only weighs 111 lbs.) with a lot of cleaning power (220 PSI pump), that has a ton of suction (190" of waterlift) and leaves carpets extremely dry.
  • A super durable extractor that can go from job to job and cleans carpet to make them look like new again.
  • 25' vacuum & solution line combo, 12" dual jet drag wand, and a removable heater all come standard with the unit.
  • Detachable heater uses its own poer cord, so if power is limited, you can just use the machine as a non-heated unit.
  • Lifetime warranty on the extractor tanks, and 5 years on parts and labor.

Starter Packages

Quick Overview

  • 220 PSI pump
  • 2 three-stage vacuum motors
  • 190" of water lift, 95 CFM
  • 25' hose & 12" 2-jet drag wand
  • 17 gallon solution tank
  • 111 pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
These machines keep giving.

I own two of these machines for our business and with the proper products, these things rock! We have ran them 2 years straight 1-5 days a week with no maintenance besides quick connects. I only run water through my solution tank and that seems to have helped with the pump life from what I've heard from other cleaners.

john mehlhoff
Carpet Cleaner

Great carpet cleaner. Bought one to clean carpet in our church and it does an excellent job.


This introductory video to the Trusted Clean carpet cleaning box extractor walks you through machine set up, filling, operation, and emptying.

Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Airflow (CFM)
Tank Construction: Polyethylene
Base Plate: 1/4" Aluminum
Country of Manufacture
United States
38" H x 31" L x 20" W
Deluxe dual-jet S-bend stainless steel wand
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Cord
50 ft. detachable
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Recovery Tank Capacity
15 gallons
Solution Capacity
17 gallons
Vac Hose
1.5" x 25'
Vacuum Motor
Dual 3-stage motors
Lifetime warranty on the tanks, and 5 years on parts & labor from an authorized service center
Water Heater
2000 Watts
Water Lift
Rear Wheels: 10 inches, non-marking
Casters: 4 inches

Safety, Warranty + User Manuals