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CleanFreak® Heated Carpet Cleaning Extractor w/ Wand & Hose (11 Gallons) - 120 PSI

SKU: CPL-CF-100-HEAT    Brand:CleanFreak
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Product Description

Compare CleanFreak carpet extractorsThis CleanFreak heated rug and carpet cleaning extractor uses internally heated water (up to 210° F) through two inline heaters to get the most cleaning power out of this extractor! It comes with a 25' Vac & solution hose set., as well as an adjustable glide wand to effectively loosen and lift out dirt from your carpeting. The glide wand offers a unique design that allows you to remain in contact with your carpeting at different angles. For full details, and to see how revolutionary this wand truly is (recovers 30% more solution than traditional wands).

This machine, which is the heated version of the CleanFreak non-heated carpet cleaning machine - same capacity and psi, we just added a heater, also has handy, internal circuit tester. The green light indicates that you've successfully plugged into two separate circuits and won't blow a fuse when running the machine.

Circuit Testing Indicator Light The indicator light on this control panel lets you know when you're plugged into 2 separate circuits. Since this unit can pull upwards of 20 amps between the pump, vacuum motors and heater, we recommend always running this machine on different electrical circuits. Otherwise you run the risk of blowing a fuse & then spending time on figuring out to reset the breaker. Play it smart from the get go, and just the indicator to make sure you're safe, and on 2 separate circuits!

If you don't need the heater, it is okay to only run it on a single circuit. If the light does not turn, you'll either need to turn off the heat, or find a different electrical circuit to plug into.

If you're interested in a whole package including an extractor, tools and carpet chemicals, please feel free to take a look through our full line of carpet extractor packages. For other options, if this machine does meet your requirements, we do have other heated carpet extractors available. To compare all machines like this one, take a look at our CleanFreak comparison guide.


  • Two 1000 watt heaters provide outstanding heating power for hot water extracting.
  • Adjustable glide drag wand recovers 30% more solution than standard wands.
  • Side dump valve and back dump hose allows you to dump your solution in the most convenient place.
  • Remove 2 bolts and tilt the tanks back to quickly access the interior cavity, where the pump, motors and heaters are located.
  • Extremely portable, weighing only 95 pounds, this hot water extractor allows the user to access stairways and upper levels effortlessly.

Quick Overview

  • 120 PSI pump
  • Dual 2-stage vacuum motors
  • 150" of water lift
  • 11 gallon solution tank
  • 25' hose & 12" 1-jet adjustable wand
  • 95 pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Like the hot water option. Helps remove stains. The wand works great!

CleanFreak CF-100 Review

I purchased the CleanFreak CF-100 Recently as my second 100Psi machine which I purchased in 2006 and used successfully for ten year, with nominal problems, typically related to the Suction Pump, once corrected................No Problems.

Regarding my NEW CF-100, Right out of the box, it has worked flawlessly. as long as the operator remembers that the machine is not the family car, the operator will have no problems...............READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, ACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH THE BELLS AND WHISTLES OF THE UNIT and you will have not problems. Remember, this pony does not like to be run had and put up wet. Take time to clean the unit fully before you can say the job is done. Tony

Being VERY generous with 2 stars...

I don't normally leave a review for anything, but I don't even know where to start. I've had my machine a couple years now, and have used my machine about 10 times.
The more I use it, the more I get disappointed.
Good package, but needs a ton of improvements.
Heavy, loud, 2 cords that make it tough to plug in to 2 separate circuits because cord isn't long enough, It makes a mess when trying to suck excess from clean water tank when finished. Actual suction from cleaning carpet is WAY BELOW what standards should be.(If you put 10 gallons in, you will be lucky to get 2 gallons out!)Yes I know how to extract, i did commercial work for years. I wanted a machine of my own to do some side work, and for my home.
Just very disappointed with my machine for what i paid. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Not bad

Machine itself is great. Wand is something different. It has channels inside that cause clogging and lacks the ability to seal to certain surfaces.

Do-It-Yourself Business Owner
Such A Huge Improvement!

I purchased this heated extraction package for cleaning our company offices. Because of heavy traffic through our offices from outdoors and from our warehouse the carpets become dirty quite often. We couldn't afford to pay a professional carpet cleaner to come in frequently enough, so I took on the job of keeping the carpets clean. For the first year I used a smaller Bissell machine. It did a good job but was over-matched due to the amount of carpeted areas to be cleaned. Getting this commercial quality machine has been a huge boost for my productivity and has allowed me to get more done in less time. I have been very satisfied with the performance of the equipment. I am getting better at utilizing the extractor as I have a chance to learn more about pre-treatment and better technique with the wand, etc. This was a good purchase for our company. I especially like the fact that the unit provides heated extraction. It is much more effective on the greasy dirt that gets tracked in from the warehouse floors.

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Additional Information
Circuit Locator: included
Airflow (CFM)
Granite / Green
Country of Manufacture
United States
28" L x 21" W x 36" H
25' hose, adjustable glide wand
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Cord
Two 25' cords
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Recovery Tank Capacity
13 gallons
Solution Capacity
11 gallons
Vac Hose
1.5" x 25'
Vacuum Motor
Dual 2-stage motors
Body - 5 years
Parts - 1 year, excluding wear & tear items
Labor - 90 days from an authorized service center
Water Heater
Dual 1000 Watts
Water Lift
12" rear | 4" casters

Safety, Warranty + User Manuals