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CleanFreak® Heated Carpet Spotting Machine (3 Gallons) - 55 PSI

SKU: SAN-CF-3-H    Brand:CleanFreak
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Product Description

Compare Clean Freak carpet machinesWhen using this CleanFreak heated carpet spotter for your stain removal jobs, you'll make your clients happy and your bottom line even happier! For a very reasonable investment you can use this spotting machine to effectively lift tough dirt and stains that an unheated machine would have a tough time with. Heated water, plus the right cleaning or spotting solution, aids in the loosening and removal of soil right off of carpeting fibers. The 55 PSI pump and 200° F max water temperature do a great job for cleaning small areas very quickly.

If you really don't need the extra heat, or if this unit is a little too expensive for your budget, then please take a look at the unheated version of this machine, the CleanFreak® 3 gallon carpet spotter.

For other types & sizes of spotters, we have a full line of different models available in our carpet spotters department.


  • 600 watt in-line steel heater is mounted in its own roto-molded tank will heat the internal water to 200° F.
  • 2-stage Ametek® 804 watt, 100 CFM vacuum motor recovers your dispensed solutions & embedded soils.
  • Lift off 3 gallon recovery tank makes dumping recovered solutions easy and efficient.
  • Heated water removes soiled material from carpets quickly and easily.
  • Separate on/off switches for the heater, pump & vacuum.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on the tanks, 2 years on the vacuum motor & pump, 1 year on the heater & electrical components, and 90 days on the tools & accessories.

Quick Overview

  • 55 psi pump
  • 2-stage Ametek motor
  • 76" waterlift, 100 CFM
  • 3 gal. solution
  • 15' hose & 4" stainless steel tool
  • 42 pounds
  • 600 watt in-line heater

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Grease Police Auto Detailing
CleanFreak® Heated Carpet Spot Cleaner

Disclaimer: This will be a fairly long review of the company and two of their products
I am the owner operator of Grease Police Auto Detailing LLC located in Halethorpe, MD. When I started Grease Police in 2019, I initially purchased the Clean Freak Commercial Carpet Spot Cleaning Machine for interior jobs. I have owned the machine for a few years and it's worked great for me ever since and still does. Fast forward to 2022, I began looking around for a carpet extractor that had a heating element because the item I initially purchased did not heat the water. People do add hot water to these machines and say they work the same but the company advises not to do this because it will damage the machine so it’s not advised.
After looking around at the products out there and seeing what other detailers were using, I decided to purchase a Mytee S-300 (H). The first one I purchased broke right out of the box and was ultimately sent back. I purchased a second one which never came which Isn’t the company’s fault but now I had two failed attempts with the Mytee extractor and that was enough for me to not purchase any more of them.
I decided to purchase the Clean Freak Heated Carpet Extractor for multiple reasons. The company has great products that are robust, dependable, easy to use, and they’re reliable. This company also has excellent customer service which may be because they are based in the south or they are just nice but either way, they’re nice, helpful people and easy to communicate with. At the time of the purchase, I was hired by a nurse to clean her 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited because it was recently recovered from being stolen out of her driveway. The subjects who stole the vehicle rode around in it while smoking causing a bad odor to emanate throughout the vehicle. If you are a detailer, you know that the vehicle has to be thoroughly cleaned which means the use of a carpet extractor must be used on the carpets, upholstery, and headliner. Here’s where their customer service really came into play. I purchased the item and Clean Freak states the item may take 7-10 days to be shipped to the customer. I didn’t have that long to wait, so I called the company and spoke with a nice lady who stated she would call the shipper and do what she could to expedite the shipping process for me which I was grateful for. The extractor showed up a couple of days later which gave me time to test it out before using it for the first time on a customer’s vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this item works. It heats up in about five minutes and the water gets extremely hot but that is what is needed to get out tough stains. The item is portable, rugged, and reliable. It has wheels and a carry handle which makes it easy to transport because it does get heavy when water and solution are added to the tank.
The item isn’t perfect but I would give it 9?10. The improvements I would make with this item would be to provide a heat guard around the brass quick-connect piece so that it doesn’t burn the operator. I would also suggest providing some type of guard around the suction end of the vacuum so that the metal that comes in contact with the carpet or the fabric upholstery doesn’t catch and tear the seat, headliner, or carpet. I would also add a viewport on the nozzle so the operator can see when the stain has been completely lifted rather than guessing which wastes time and material. I would also add one more strap towards the top of the hose line to keep everything intact better. I am also unsure as to why the hoses have to be so long. I think eight to ten feet is good but this hose is fifteen feet long which is more than necessary.
Overall, this is a great company and an excellent product. I highly recommended anyone thinking about purchasing it buy it over any other extractor. I have been extremely happy with it and my customers are amazed at the results when they get their vehicles back. I would like to take all the credit but I know the tools and materials I am using are the real stars, so I have to give credit where credit is due.
If you have made it this far thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy this extractor as much as I do.
Best regards,
Grease Police Auto Detailing LLC

Worked great!

Product worked as described made cleaning really dirty seats a breeze! Very happy with my investment.

awesome for home and auto

this is not some cheap bissel machine- this is the real
hot water is a big plus and is awesome for the occasional pet accident or coffee spill in the car. i’ve even done furniture and large format carpets. if you’re on the fence, do it.

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Airflow (CFM)
Granite / Green
Country of Manufacture
United States
21" L x 10" W x 24" H
Electrical Draw
Vac Motor - 6.7 amps
Pump - 0.4 amps
Heater - 5.8 amps
Grand Total - 12.9 amps
3⅜" stainless steel detail tool
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Cord
20' safety cord, 16/3 gauge
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Recovery Tank Capacity
3 gallons
Solution Capacity
3 gallons
Vac Hose
Vacuum Motor
2 Stage
Tanks - Lifetime
Vac Motor & Pump - 2 years
Heater & Electrical Components - 1 year
Tools & Accessories - 90 days
Water Heater
600 Watts
Water Lift