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CleanFreak® Heated Commercial Carpet Extractor w/ Wand & Hose (11 Gallons) - 500 PSI

SKU: CPL-CF-25XG-HEAT    Vendor:CleanFreak
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Product Description

This CleanFreak heated 500 PSI carpet extractor is the next step up from the 100 PSI heated model. For clean carpets, you cannot beat hot water extraction. Hot water is propelled into your carpet fibers at high pressure, which breaks up dirt, soil, and grime. At the same time, a high-powered vacuum quickly removes the hot water, and all the dirt and stains in your carpet along with it. An adjustable glide drag wand is included with this machine at no additional cost, which helps you to remove 30% more water from carpeting over a regular carpet wand. Although it isn't required, a drying fan will help finish the process, drying your carpets in no time.

Circuit Test

Indicator light lets you know when you've plugged into separate circuits.
This machine includes dual 750 watt heaters which will provide a maximum water temperature of 210° F. Because of this, you'll need to power the unit with electrical outlets on 2 separate circuit breakers. The machine itself has a built in circuit locator that notifies you when you are on 2 separate circuits. Simply press the circuit locator button when plugged into 2 outlets and if the light turns on, you know its okay to start extracting. If not, you will need to search for another outlet to avoid blowing a fuse.

*Note: Do NOT use extension cords with this machine unless they are a heavier gauge than the ones attached to the unit. Using a "regular" extension cord could overheat and be a fire risk.

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  • Adjustable pressure pump (0 - 500 PSI) allows the user to dial in the exact water pressure that they need for the job.
  • Two 750 watt heaters provide outstanding heating power for hot water extracting.
  • Adjustable glide drag wand recovers 30% more solution than standard wands.
  • Side dump valve and back dump hose allows you to dump your solution in the most convenient place.
  • Remove 2 bolts and tilt the tanks back to quickly access the interior cavity, where the pump, motors and heaters are located.
  • Highly portable, weighing only 95 pounds, this hot water extractor allows the user to access stairways and upper levels effortlessly.

Quick Overview

  • Adjustable pressure pump
  • Dual 2-stage motors
  • 150" of water lift
  • 11 gallon solution tank
  • 25' hose & 12" 1-jet adjustable wand
  • 95 pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I used this Machine on a customer carpet and they were very happy to see how cleaned the carpet was. This Machine is a beast. CleanFreak heated 500 psi carpet extractor is a must buy.

Great Machine!

In our business we use carpet extractors on a regular basis. This machine has been easy to use, works great, and the heat element makes all the difference! We love it!

It’s better then expected

The product works exactly like you would expect and it comes in handy because it’s heated and portable

Portable carpet extractor

This is a heavy machine. I'm 33 years old and workout daily and I struggle to lift this into a van. You can get ramps for such things but I'm looking to avoid using ramps. So expect to buy a ramp or be really in shape. The side dump valve is useless and a potential problem if ever accidently opened. I don't see the need for two dumping options. The PSI valve is not as easy as turning it, you need a wrench and have to preset where you want the valve lock. I really really don't like how Clean Freaks printed "CleanFreak . com" on the sides of my machine. I'm going to cover it with stickers I guess but looks tacky. If it just said CleanFreak it wouldn't be a big deal but CleanFreak . com is a little much and confusing to my customers. I don't need them checking prices on my gear. This is my first 500psi vs 200 psi and I can tell you it's very loud when using the 500 psi much louder than the blowers. I didn't expect it to be so loud. Also there is a water float in the clean water tank that you have to submerge. However it takes about a gallon to submerge it, meaning you lose a gallon of clean water storage due to the machine turning off before it gets to low. Besides those downfalls this baby can do it all!! Carpet, title, upolstery, hard floors you name it! The large rubber wheels are a huge improvement from old models. I will say I did my homework and you wont find a better prices on these machines.

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Airflow (CFM)
Granite / Green
Country of Manufacture
United States
36" H x 28" L x 21" W
Electrical Draw
Yellow cord (heaters) - 13 amps
Black cord (vacs & pump) - 16 amps
Total (both cords) - 29 amps
Adjustable glide wand
Operating Weight
95 lbs.
Power Cord
Two 25' cords
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Pump Type
Recovery Tank Capacity
13 gallons
Solution Capacity
11 gallons
Vac Hose
1.5" x 25'
Vacuum Motor
Dual 2-stage motors
Body - 5 years
Parts - 1 year, excluding wear & tear items
Labor - 90 days from an authorized service center
Water Lift
12" rear | 4" casters