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CleanFreak® 'N-Zyme' Bacterial Augmentation Enzymatic Cleaner for Carpets & Drains - 6 Quarts

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Product Description

CleanFreak ‘N-Zyme’ is a bacterial augmentation enzymatic cleaner that can remove the toughest of stains and odors in carpets and other materials. This multi-use product can also be used to maintain drains, clean grease traps, as a deodorizer, as well as a spot and stain remover. When using it has a odor remover, you can pour it directly into drains, toilets, urinals, and more.

If this is not exactly what you're looking for, we do have a stain removal engineered specifically for pet stain removal. For other options, please take a look at our full line of enzymatic cleaners.


Drains & Down Pipes:
  1. Use 2 - 4 times weekly to keep pipes free of grease, fats, and other solid waste. Will not damage pipes or chrome.
Holding Tanks:
  1. For initial treatment, add 2 oz. per gallon of water in to the holding tank.
  2. For ongoing maintenance, add 16 oz. per week.
Septic Tanks:
  1. For initial treatment, flush 1 full quart down toilet.
  2. For weekly maintenance, use 8 oz. per week.
Stain Remover & Deodorizer:
  1. Physically remove as much of the source of the malodor as possible.
  2. Apply product directly on to the stain/odor with a sprayer or white cloth moistened with this product.
  3. The enzyme will attack and break down all the odors and bacteria attaching the stain to the carpet.
Toilets & Urinals:
  1. Apply a liberal amount to all interior surfaces of the toilet bowl or urinal using a bowl mop.
  2. Leave this product to dwell for as long as possible before scrubbing.

Quick Overview

  • 6 quarts per case w/ 1 trigger sprayer
  • Fresh lavender scent

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Bottle Size
1 Quart
Country of Manufacture
United States
Dilution Rate
RTU or 2 - 8 oz. per gallon
7.0 - 7.5
Product Type
Solubility in Water
Specific Gravity

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