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Advance® ES300™ 9 Gallon Carpet Extractor

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Product Description

The ES300 comes in two versions (standard and XP). These extractors are self-contained multi-purpose machines that have a large, 9-gallon solution tank and a 7-gallon recovery tank built into them. These large tanks allow for better productivity thanks to longer cleaning time and fewer refills. The solution tank is removable with a built-in handle to make emptying the tank simple, while a front mounted hose makes emptying the recovery tank just as easy. Both models feature a floating 16-inch scrubbing brush head creates greater contact with the carpet and provides improved suction to leave the carpets dryer after each cleaning. The ES300 is compact in size to make storage, maintenance, and maneuverability easier than other larger machines.

XP Model with LIFT™

The ES300 XP model comes special with proprietary LIFT technology. This technology creates faster drying times thanks to a patented low-moisture system that has a single spray nozzle which eliminates streaking and overlapping which is the main cause for oversaturation that lead to longer drying times. Even with a single nozzle, this machine can thoroughly clean your carpet while leaving it traffic ready in as little as 30 minutes, making it perfect for high-traffic areas and daytime cleaning.The XP allows for switching between three modes (LIFT mode, Deep Clean, and Pre-Treat) with a simple rotating of a dial, making it a versatile machine. The XP model also features an integrated hand tool for easy, quick access while preventing the misplacement of the tool and expense of replacing the parts.


  • A floating 16-inch brush head needs no adjusting, creating better carpet contact and improved water recovery
  • The front-mounted drain hose allows for faster and easier dumping for the operator
  • The removable 9-gallon tank with stowable handle makes the re-filling process far less cumbersome
  • All cleaning modes are mounted on the panel for quick engagement and easy operation
  • A larger tank with increased water capacity provides extended cleaning time and fewer refills
  • Integrated hand tool offers quick access and eliminates the need for replacement parts (standard on XP model)

Quick Overview

  • 120 PSI pump
  • 3 stage vacuum motors
  • 120" of water lift
  • 9 gallon solution tank

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Brush Details
16 inch
Cleaning Width
16 inches
28" L x 19.25" W x 32" H
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Cord
50 ft
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Recovery Tank Capacity
7 gallons
Solution Capacity
9 gallons
Vacuum Motor
1.5 HP (3 stage)
Body - 8 years
Parts - 5 years
Labor - 2 years from an authorized service center
Batteries - Prorated up to 18 months
Travel - 180 days
Water Flow
0.7 GPM
Water Lift