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Trusted Clean 12" Stand Up Carpet Cleaning Wand w/ Overspray Wings (400 PSI Max) - 2 Jets

SKU: TPL-1034-110015FB    Brand:Trusted Clean
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Product Description

This Trusted Clean carpet cleaning wand has a 12" head with overspray wings and 2 jets. It is great for cleaning any type of residential or commercial carpeting. The 2 jets provide plenty of solution to the carpet, and the head is winged to help prevent any overspray outside of the 12" cleaning path. The 2 bends in the wand make it extremely easy to use for an operator of any height. The 2 bends, sometimes called an S-bend relieve all of the pressure off of the back when cleaning, leaving you fresh and ready for the next job upon completion. It also makes it extremely easy to clean up to, under, and around furniture that cannot be moved.

This 2 jet wand is approved for use with 0-400 PSI machines, so it can be used with any of the non-heated and heated carpet cleaning extractors that serve under 400 PSI. The insulated handles prevent your hands from feeling any of the heat from the hot water, preventing any types of burns. Comes with a 3/8" female quick disconnect & 1.5" vacuum hose attachment for attaching a hose set to. If you are planning on using this wand with somethin else besides a Trusted Clean extractor, you may need to purchase an additional male quick disconnect for it to connect up to your machine.

If you are interested in a different style wand, we also have a 1 jet carpet cleaning wand available, and we also have a complete section of carpet extraction wands & hoses, if neither of these wands are what you're looking for.

Quick Overview

  • 12" cleaning path
  • 2 water dispersion jets
  • Bends at the handle and at the head
  • For use w/ (0 - 400 PSI) heated & non-heated extractors

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Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Cleaning Width
12 inches
Stainless Steel
Country of Manufacture
United States
60" long
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Product Type
Carpet Extractor Hoses, Wands & Accessories
0 - 400
Solution Hose Connection
1/4" Quick Connect
Vacuum Hose Connection
Water Jets

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