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IPC Eagle EVO Canister Vacuum

SKU: EAG-LP112-LUX    Brand:IPC Eagle
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Product Description

The EVO canister vac is perfect for any facility requiring high performance vacuuming. It may be small in size, but it's definitely big on performance. Perfect for areas where high filtration and sound sensitivity are considerations, like hospitals and hotels.

The EVO canister vacuum can also be used for wet area pick ups, as it has an internal float valve shut off. The dry pick up replacement bags have a capacity of 4 gallons, and have a dual filtration. The accessory kit comes with an extendable wand, and tools for cleaning hard floors, carpets, and into crevices on upholstery.

If you're looking for a slightly smaller canister vacuum make sure to also check out our Hover PortaPower and our Oreck XL Pro 5.


  • Powerful 1000 watt super high-speed vacuum for deep cleaning.
  • On board tool holder keeps accessories within reach at all times.
  • Extra quiet for sound sensitive environments.
  • Float shut off allows for dry or wet pick up.
  • Two-stage filtration.
  • 4 gallon capacity.

Quick Overview

  • 18 pounds
  • 4 gallon capacity
  • 57 dB

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jon at Staples
I have this vacuum at work

My job switched from a different $600 Sensor vacuum that was an upright with a hose. That thing was a monster of issues and poor quality control on its design and use.

This LP112 Luxe is a whole other basket of unacceptable. The commercials make it appear like this flawless and beautiful flourishing machine. Lets get into the reality of this monster that my company is now using (and clearly had no field testing of it beyond 5 minutes of use in a sterile laboratory.)

1. Lets get to the worst issue of all with this machine. You can find all over online how great this product is (from the manufacturer, not from real people) but you can't find anything regarding the most important use of it -- the 3 gallon bags to replace them. Google search "LP1?12 Luxe (which it says on the vacuum) and you get LP112 Luxe after you do some digging. Why do they say different things? I couldn't tell you. But the replacement bags are no where to be found. Look up replacement bags? You get upright model bags and not canister. Look for a specific model of bag for this awkward designed canister...Nope. You still have trouble locating the right model of bag. Its like the company has no idea how to market their own product or understand what the customers need from the manufacturer.

2. It leaks air while in use. Several parts of the hose have wide gaps that suck air through them thus you lose suction at the end of the hose. We've managed to combat this by using duct tape to seal the leaks -- but again this is poor design and lacking in foresight.

3. Its big and clunky despite being a small vacuum. There is not stable way to move it as the wheels turn in any direction they feel like turning. Usually forward wheels on a quadrupedal vehicle are used for direction. These wheels are used for fishtailing as they swerve left and right on carpeting of our store.

4. The filters have no locking mechanisms to keep them in place, so when you open the vacuum to replace the bag, the 2nd filter falls out and gets dirt all over you. There's no latch, no locks, nothing. It just slides in there and....decides whether it wants to stay or not. If you twist it a bit sometimes it will stay...but any tap and it falls out completely. Again, lack of field testing on this thing.

5. The hose attachment for carpet cleaning. It's all over the place, you twist right -- it turns right. You twist left -- it turns right. You move forward; it goes left. You move backwards, it goes right. It's horrible control that is not intuitive at all.

I have had several co-workers try to manage the thing and all of us are completely baffled at how clunky and stupid this machine is compared to every vacuum cleaner we've used in our lives.

Piece of garbage, look for an actual shop vac and not this expensive piece of junk.

Product Information + Specs

IPC Eagle
Manufacturer Sku
Airflow (CFM)
Container Capacity
3 Gallons
15” X 15” X 17”
Electrical Usage
110 - 120 Voltage Usage
Two-stage filtration.
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Product Type
Canister & Portable Vacuums
Sound Output
57 decibels
Powerful 800 watt super high-speed vacuum for deep cleaning.
10 years on tanks, 3 years on motor & 1 year on parts.
Water Lift

Safety, Warranty + User Manuals

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