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Carpet Spot Remover Extractors Portable Carpet Spotters
If you have just a small area of carpeting or upholstery that's soiled then a little carpet spotter could be just the right tool for the job. Our carpet spotters are very lightweight (from 15 to 24 pounds) and can be easily carried around your job site right to the spot that needs removing.

Our Bravo portable carpet spotter also has space for carrying along a bottle or 2 of the spot remover of your choice. Just pop them into the holders on the side, grab the main handle, and easily carry it to your spot. A great little machine for very small cleaning jobs, as well as pre-treating a tough area before coming in with a larger carpet extractor machine.
Cold Water Carpet Extractors Unheated Carpet Extractors
If you're looking for a simple cold water carpet extractor we have many to choose from. The advantage of a non-heated carpet machine is that it draws less electricity. If you DO want warm water to clean with simple fill the solution tank with pre-heated water from the tap and you're good to go.

You can also add many different accessories for your particular carpet or upholstery cleaning job. We have many carpet wands & hoses as well as upholstery cleaning tools for every type of cleaning situation.
Hot Water Carpet Extractors Heated Carpet Extractors
Looking for a heated carpet extractor? We have a wide variety, all the way from a 6 gallon carpet machine all the way up to the high pressure carpet extractor which has a 17 gallon capacity.

Having hot water on-demand can be exactly what you want if you're working in a place where you can't get hot water from the tap. The down side is finding a electricity source that can handle both the internal motors AND the heating element. These power sources will have to come from 2 different circuits in your building. Give us a call if you need help with this.
Self Contained Carpet Extractors Self Contained Carpet Extractors
A self contained carpet extractor has the water injection nozel and vacuum head built right into the machine. This makes it absolutely great for cleaning carpets and not having to mess around with dragging hoses everywhere.

Our machines range from the very portable 3 gallon carpet extractor, which is great for smaller jobs, to the professional grade 7 gallon carpet machine used by the pros.

If you need help selecting the right
Carpet Cleaning Machine for your needs
please give us a call at 888-722-5508 (M-F 8am - 5pm CST).

     Which Carpet Extractor Is Right For You?
Carpet extractors, carpet cleaning machines, and carpet spotters are fabulous machines to help you get your carpeting and upholstery really clean. If you have ground-in dirt and soiling than a carpet extractor will help you get that dirt and stain out more thoroughly.

How do they work? By injecting water and cleaning solution into your carpeting you get to clean much deeper than just vacuuming the surface. Some of our carpet machines have a built in scrubbing brush, like our self-contained carpet extractors, to agitate the dirt to lift it out more easily. Our hot water and cold water carpet extractors are used with a carpet wand or hand held upholstery tool, usually without a brush, to extract the dirt out of your carpet or upholstery.
If you're a professional in the cleaning industry than
a carpet extractor is definitely a tool you need
in your cleaning arsenal.

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